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Read through the questions and answers to see what Post Card Party is all about! Join the National Swap and keep our Quilting Community Connected! 

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What is Post Card Party?

What is Post Card Party?
Post Card Party is a National Fabric Post Card Swap Event for Quilting and Sewing Shops during the Fall and Winter. Swapping happens in Spring.

When is Post Card Party 2015-16?
Parties can start as early as October 1, 2015  through March 2016.

How does Post Card Party work?
It is simple.
  1. Shop registers ($50.00 - includes all marketing/listing, free state patterns, free shipping to you on kits, free unlimited return shipping on all swapped cards. 
  2. Shop purchases kits. (Kits are sold in groups of twelve. $2.50 each FREE SHIPPING to you.) 
  3. Shop plans and schedules as many post card parties (mini-workshops) as you would like from October 1, 2015  through March 2016.
  4. Shop picks a project(s) to be featured on the postcard and holds parties.
  5. Shop adds project materials/embellishment into zip bag along with post card panel and foam from kit.
  6. Customer's completed post cards (that want to swap) from each of your parties are collected by you. 
  7. You mail back your shop's completed postcards in one box from March 15-31 to Post Card Central.
  8. Post Card Central swaps your cards with cards from other states. (Return shipping of swapped cards included - no limit)
  9. You hold fun mail-call parties in your Shop! 
How does my Shop benefit from Post Card Party?
  1. You are offering a Fun National Event that will teach a technique and offer an opportunity to swap postcards from all over the USA. 
  2. You can use staff - not hired teachers - to teach tips and techniques.
  3. You can feature a particular sewing machine/cutting machine/new ruler etc. that gets a hands on experience. 
  4. It's a quick class where projects get done. 
  5. You could do make and takes at guilds, retreats or even shows!

How does my Customer benefit from Post Card Party?
  1. They get to swap cards from all over the USA. 
  2. The workshops are very short and sweet.
  3. They are learning a new technique at a very affordable price.
  4. Teach enjoyable classes and techniques to support additional tool, machine and product sales.

How do I price kits/parties? 
This is your event to be run how ever you would like to run it. Here are some suggestions:

  1. Keep the cost low for kit/class and use the time to promote other items such as embroidery machines/rulers/cutting machines. 
  2. Free Class - Customers just purchase kit; or
  3. Paid Class, Free Kit with Class.

What do Post Cards Panels look like?

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Can we sell Post Card Kits through our website?
Yes. This is your event to be run how ever you would like to run it.

Can Customers make their own front side designs and return cards to shop for swapping?
Yes. This is your event to be run how ever you would like to run it.

Where do I register?

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Where do I buy Post Card Kits?

Ideas for Post Card Parties: 
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What are the FREE State patterns?  Where are they?

We have made free downloadable state outline patterns of each state along with the letters of each state. A great project is a simple state appliqué in cotton or wool. 

Click here for free state patterns.Click here for Party Ideas. 


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