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    Post Card Party Kit Description

  • Postcard fabric panel printed on 100% organic sateen cotton trimmed at 6" x 7" (+/- 1/8").
  • Each kit includes a 6" x 7" (+/- 1/8") piece of Bosal two side fusible foam.
  • Each kit arrives in a clear zip bag with room to add your project supplies to.
  • Minimum order/increment for Shop is 12 kits.
  • No changes to card size, state panel or foam permitted. 
  • Quilters are encouraged to create a project they would like to receive. 
  • Finished projects must not exceed 1/4" in total thickness. No heavy objects. 
  • Washing instructions included in Kit insert. (Hand wash with phosphate free detergent) 

NOTE: We stock PCP kits for prompt shipment. In the event of an out of stock we commit to ship within a maximum of 14 to 21 days. You MAY NOT REPRODUCE the original artwork of the PCP in any way for any project. Art work is property of Debra Gabel of Zebra Patterns. All rights reserved. 

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