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Do I have to use a Post Card Party Post Card Kit to swap? Yes. In order to keep program uniform all cards must use the Bosal foam batting and the Printed Post Card Back from your participating shop. Any cards without official postcard party kits will be returned unswapped. 

When will swapped cards be back to my home shop?
Returned postmarked and swapped cards will be in shops in May. Check with your shop to find out specific dates.  

How can I find out if my shop is having Post Card Parties?
Click here to see participating shops.

What if there is not a shop nearby that is having a party?
You might ask your local shops if they have considered joining Post Card Party and possibly gather a group of quilters to support the class. Or, purchase your state's kit from a participating shop on line. Click here to see participating shops.

Can Guilds and/or Quilt Groups have their own Post Card Parties?
Absolutely Yes! This is a popular low cost activity. However the kits are to be purchased through a state quit shop. We want to support our local shops.

Can I buy the Post Card Party kits or additional kits on my own?
Yes - You can purchase extra kits - but it must be from a participating PCP shop.

Can I mail finished Post Cards to Post Card central directly?
No. All swaps must be sent in to Post Card Central for swapping by the registered PCP shop. 

Can I buy Post Card Party Kits from Zebra Patterns directly?

No. You can only purchase kits through Participating Shop Owners.